Personal Injury Lawyer – Rip off or Bargain

Most people are hesitant when it comes to hiring a personal injury law expert because it is in a world most of us don’t understand; the ins and outs of our law. You want the best representation possible obviously but most of us don’t have the money to dump into it like the stars and athletes seem to. The good news is you don’t have to have that kind of funding, are lawyers expensive? Yes but they don’t take big bucks like the news and prime time TV shows tell us.

How do you know though if you are getting a fair price or getting taken advantage of? One of the biggest misunderstandings between lawyer and client is the fee. It is important for you to understand how your lawyer is going to charge you. There is no set fee for a lawyer so don’t expect to be able to shop the same way you do for a pair of shoes. There are several things that will affect a lawyers fee and even though fees are negotiable and subject to law these factors are important to understand.

The lawyers overhead costs and reputation- a lawyer has things he is going to have to do to help you with your case and you will be expected to pay for those services. Also a lawyer earns his reputation it isn’t like a high school popularity thing where he is judged by his suit style and music taste. His reputation is earned by the cases he tries and their outcomes.

The type of legal problem- All issues are not created the same just like you can’t use the same ingredients and recipe to bake bread as you do when you make cookies. Although some ingredients are the same and the process is similar they are distinctly different. It is the same in legal issues. It takes different resources, research, and processes to win a medical malpractice case then it does to present a slip and fall incident. Although some aspects are the same they are distinctly different.

One final thing that is helpful to remember is that a novice who only charges $100 an hour may actually end up costing more than an experienced personal attorney who charges $200 an hour because it may take the novice twice as long to do what the experienced lawyer could do in only a short amount of time. Always ask your lawyer questions both upfront and as you go, it is important to know the situation continually rather then have to have another lawsuit at the end because your lawyer overcharged you.