Best Police Duty Belt

Best Police Duty Belt – A Police Officer’s Convenience and Charm

A police officer requires several gadgets and weapons along with him whenever he/she is on duty; they usually keep every necessary thing in their belt. As the paramount purpose of the police belt is to carry the most significant items along with them during duty, these things will make them secure and help to rescue ordinary people and victims as well.

A police belt allows them to carry guns conveniently, and these belts are made of nylon or leather. Some of the police belts have a pocket in it i.e., these types of belts are readily accessible while allowing a cop to stay hands-free for interaction. Such belts can carry numerous useful items, ranging from handcuffs to guns. The police belt was first introduced in the 1900s in lieu as their government had issued them these belts so that the cops will be at ease while carrying several items along with them.

These belts are more often manufactured in black color, either dark-colored leather with simple pockets. Carrying weapons in hand for an extended period has caused several officers some issues related to their back. Though police officers have worn these belts now, ordinary people can also wear it and feel how the cop handles these things simultaneously. In this review guide, we have selected some of the best police duty belt, so you would be at ease while identifying the right one according to your necessities.

Our pinnacle – 4 classified considering police duty belt reviews

We have categorized the best police duty belt considering the consumer’s reviews so you would be at ease while identifying the best one according to your requirements. The categorization has done while considering the price, quality, and mainly reviews as these reviews have made our selection easy.

  1. Tactical Battle Belts MOLLE Waist

Selighting MOLLE Tactical Belts Padded Airsoft Combat Battle Belts Heavy Duty Police Utility Belt...
2 Reviews
Selighting MOLLE Tactical Belts Padded Airsoft Combat Battle Belts Heavy Duty Police Utility Belt...
  • 【Material】 Water resistant 600D nylon, waterproof PVC coated and EVA...
  • 【Dimensions】Belt width 11cm/ 4.33", thickness 1.5 cm/0.59", adjustable...
  • 【Heavy Duty】 The battle belts consists of a padded sleeve with 2 rows of...
  • 【Comfortable Design】The inside of the combat belt was made of mesh fabric...

This is a tactical belt that has been manufactured with 600D nylon; it is waterproof as it has PVC coated and EVA filing. This product allows you to perform well in tensile strength and capable of handling load. The manufacturers of this product have given this belt several dimensions of 11cm/4.33″, the thickness of 1.5cm/0.59, and it comes with a fixing strap; whoever is willing to wear it, they can adjust it accordingly. Such tactical belts have padded sleeve with two rows of molle pals that you to customize it, several pockets are here, and these pockets allow you to keep things easily.


  • This police belt is made of water-resistant and 600D nylon
  • There are several pockets in it which makes keep thing convenient
  • It is a comfortable belt because it has mesh fabric and thick pads


  • No cons found


2. YAHILL Security Tactical Belt

YAHILL Safety Security Tactical Belt Combat Gear Adjustable Heavy Duty Police Equipment Accessories...
338 Reviews
YAHILL Safety Security Tactical Belt Combat Gear Adjustable Heavy Duty Police Equipment Accessories...
  • Super Lightweight and Durable Material (Original belt) thickened Oxford cloth;...
  • Adjustable Size 2inch/5cm wide; 45inch/ 115cm (longest available size). Full...
  • Convenient to Use New type of quick release buckle will bring more safety and...
  • Multi- function Use Can be used for police, security guard, law enforcement,...

A super light-weight and durable belt which has been made by the Yahill security tactical belts, this belt have thickened oxford cloth canvas webbing, it is heavy duty and a good tear resistance belts that provide its consumer with super comfort. You can adjust this belt according to your size as it is 2 inches/5cm wide, 45 inches/115cm long. Such a belt is easy to buckle and unbuckle; this belt can be worn by a security officer, police officer, security guard, law enforcement, this is a combat belt that can even be worn daily basis. There are several pouches and holsters in it so you would be ease while keeping your stuff.


  • Several pockets are attached to this belt
  • This belt is easy to buckle and unbuckle
  • The heavy-duty material makes it, more durable


  • It is short in size


3. Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Mirage

Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Mirage Basketweave Ultra Duty Belt with Hook and Loop Lining (Medium,...
137 Reviews
Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Mirage Basketweave Ultra Duty Belt with Hook and Loop Lining (Medium,...
  • Heavy duty precision stitching
  • Professional appearance
  • Pro-3 triple retention buckle
  • Hook and loop lining mates with Ultra and loop-back inner duty belts

Uncle mike’s law enforcement mirage belts are here to gives your personality a dashing look; this belt is made of nylons and padded from edges to provide their consumer with comfort. The polymer inside it helps and supports your back by reducing bulk and makes you sturdy. Hooks and loops are here as lining mate that gives this belt an amazing look. It is rigid enough to carry several weapons and quite flexible enough to wear it on a daily basis. This belt is capable of providing the consumer with ease through its flexibility.


  • it is a double layer 2 inches nylon tactical belt
  • the interior polymer is here for more comfort
  • this belt is rigid enough to carry gears


  • its plastic clip is weak


4. Tomixxx Black Law Enforcement

Tomixxx Black Law Enforcement Tactical Equipment System Set 10 pcs (10pcs Belt Set)
78 Reviews
Tomixxx Black Law Enforcement Tactical Equipment System Set 10 pcs (10pcs Belt Set)
  • Heavy Duty 2" Thick Adjustable Belt, Fit for 35-54 Inches Waist
  • Made By Good Quality Shinning 1680D NYLON. It Is Firm, Heavy And Shiny. It Is...
  • Modular Versatile Design For Police, Security, Tactical Law Eforcement All...
  • Secure But Quick Release Buckle

This is a heavy-duty belt that is capable of fitting on a waist up to 35-54 inches, and it is made of finest quality material that adds shine to it, and 1680D nylon is there for comfort and water resistance. It is designed as a modular, versatile design for police and security officers, and this belt allows them to stay hands-free. It is an ideal tactical belt as such belts include a silent key holster, a holster for handcuffs, a dual magazine holsters.


  • This is a heavy-duty adjustable belt
  • It is made of 1680D nylon and water-resistant
  • Such a belt is capable of fitting up to 35-54 inches waist.


  • No cons found


Read the following frequently asked questions to know more:

What is the primary purpose of tactical belts?

The police duty belts help the cops to stay hands-free for the interaction and help them to keep several things conveniently e.g., handcuffs, radios, batons, hand-held protection devices, etc.

How do these belts work?

The tactical belts are designed to carry equipment in a readily accessible manner.

How much weight a police officer carry?

They usually carry 25 to 30 pounds regularly as they need to have weapons along with them.

The final verdict:

Here we are with a final verdict that is the police duty belts play a vital role in their regular life as they need to have several types of equipment along with them. These belts can be worn by ordinary people as well, we have mentioned all necessary information regarding the police duty belts, and we have selected these products to help you out while identifying the right one according to you.

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