Best Police Scanner Apps

Best Police Scanner Apps

Are you interested in listening to the police force dealing with a robbery or the firefighters attempting to prevent the spread of fire? If yes, then you should download the best police scanner app that will provide accessibility to browse various frequencies and stay in touch with whatever is happening in your neighborhood.

There are innumerable police scanner apps available for Android and iOS. Selecting the best one among them will be a tough task; hence, in this post the top four police scanner apps for Android and iOS have been discussed. Depending on your preferences, you can download any of them and listen to feeds across the world.

4 Best Police Scanner App For Android

Police Scanner X – It is a freely available app that can be used to hear the police, fire, or radio scanners in any part of the world. It requires Android 4.0.3 and up, and you need to purchase the in-app products as per your requirements. Some of the feeds inclusive in the app are LAPD, Chicago Police, Newark Police, Cincinnati Police, and many more.

Scanner 911 – With this app, you can listen to real-time audio from innumerable police, fire, airport authorities, or EMS scanners across the world. Similar to other popular apps, you can hear them while using other apps on your phone. However, remember that you need to install a specific version of the app, depending on your Android device.

Broadcastify Police Scanner – It is considered to be the world’s largest source of scanner radio communication streams. The current version can be used on Android 4.1 and up. It is an easy to use app and once you get accustomed to it, you may use its premium version that works without advertisements and provides access to 180 days of archived radio transmissions.

Scanner Radio: Fire And Police Scanner App – The Android version of the app comprises of over 7,000 police and fire scanners, air traffic radios, marine radios, weather radios, and amateur radio repeaters from across the world. To make the access quick and simple, you can add some of the feeds to your favorites list. Moreover, you can receive notifications whenever there is a major event happening nearby. You may use the free version of the app or purchase the Pro version for better features and facilities.

4 Best Police Scanner App For IOS

5-0 Radio Police Scanner – It is considered to have the largest collection of live police, aircraft, firefighter, emergency, railroad, and news stations. The app can be used to listen to feed in the background while you keep working on your phone. In case you lose the connection, it will automatically attempt to reconnect the feed. You can even use the app to chat with other users.

Scanner Radio: Police & Fire – It is the finest app that can be used for acquiring information on major events that are happening. You can even view the top 50 scanners that have the most listeners. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 9.0 or up. Moreover, you can make in-app purchases for removing ads and revamping the app by adding themes or widgets.

Police Scanner+ Pro – It is the enhanced version of the Police Scanner+ app as it provides many more stations with improved reliability. The app features largest collection of fire, police, airport, EMS, comedy, railroad, and music stations. You can chat with other listeners and even set an alarm in the app to wake up for your favorite station. The app is compatible with iOS 9.1 and up.

Emergency Radio Police Scanner App – The app offers an extensive database of air traffic, live police, fire, railroad, train, weather, coast guard, EMS, radio, and many other frequencies. It also features a powerful search engine and advanced map view. Although it is not a free-to-use app; it is definitely worth the price as the frequencies keep growing each day. You can even mark your favorite feeds for quick access.

To conclude, scanner app is the easiest way to stay tuned with whatever takes place in your neighborhood. So, if you want to listen to emergency responses happening in real-time then you can download any of the apps from the aforesaid list of police scanner apps for Android and iOS.

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