Top 5 Self Defense Techniques That Can Save Your Life

Self Defense

Are you capable of defending yourself when someone physically attacks you? Every day, the newspapers and local news channels are filled with posts on robberies, sexual assaults, murders, and more. All of this poses a risk to the welfare of our society. So, how do we deal with this situation?

Well, learning self defense tactics is the need of the hour and thankfully; regardless of your strength, size, or prior training, you can learn several self defense techniques easily. There are innumerable online classes, videos, and articles that will provide information on self defending. Moreover, this post will help you to prepare for the worst situation and build your confidence to stay safe at all times.

Follow General Safety Tips

Attackers are always on a look-out for vulnerable targets. So, you should follow some safety tips like walking in well-lit areas, notice things in your surroundings, keep your loved ones’ contact numbers on emergency dial list, park your vehicle in a safe area, and talk to your friend or family member through phone while walking in an isolated area. In case the attacker is only looking for some money or jewelry then hand it over rather than fighting. Always remember that your life and health is more precious than anything else.

Defend Yourself

If violence is unavoidable, then you should have prior knowledge on ways to defend yourself. Begin by shouting out loudly so that you can gather some people from nearby areas. Make an effort to push the attacker as it will give you a few seconds to run off. Try to inflict injury to the attacker by aiming on the body parts that can cause a lot of damage like face, neck, groin, and legs. Always carry a self defense weapon in your bag so that it gets easier to fight back. Few weapons that can be easily carried and used are pepper sprays, tactical knives, and real brass knuckles.

Don’t Ignore

Always trust your gut! If you have an intuition that something is not right, then act against it. Do not bother about the consequences of making a scene or overreacting at a situation. It is perfectly alright if you are proved wrong; but there are chances that you would be right too! Remember; it is not necessary that the attacker would harass only in an isolated area, as bad things can happen in your good neighborhood or familiar and crowded places too. So, if you feel that something is amiss then do not ignore your sixth sense.

Take Training In Using Weapons

Weapons are an essential tool for self defense. There are chances that your attacker is armed, so to be more powerful, you should have prior training in using various weapons that can be carried legally in your pocket, purse, or bag. Remember that carrying most of the weapons in your handbag are illegal, so ensure that you are well aware of the rules and regulations that are followed in your city and country.

Use Environment As Your Weapon

Self defense training programs are usually held in empty rooms; however, attacks are mostly done indoors with lots of furniture around or outdoors in between several cars or bushes. You should spend some time in practicing self defense tactics in such environments so that you can use it as a weapon. For instance; you can knock down your attacker on pointy and hard objects that are usually found on roads or throw stones or pebbles that come to your hand.

Things happen; and it can happen to any of us. However, by being cautious and well-prepared, we could save our life. So, the next time you step out of your home; be confident, vigilant, and stay safe!

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